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 About Us


Officially founded in 2008 (though we've been in the game since 2002), The GMAT Coach offers products that helps students prepare for their Graduate Management Admissions Test in less than half the time of most every other prep company. We offer simple, effective products that are easy to understand and that allow students the freedom to study when and where they want to. We also provide students with access to us (phone, email, text, skype, twitter, facebook, and online meetings) for any and all questions during their prep. Usually, we answer the phones 24/7 (we don't sleep very much), but if a student calls during a company yoga session or something, we promptly call back when we finish up.

We started this company because we were tired of seeing students being charged more and more, but getting less and less. There's one company out there (we don't want to name any names) now advertising (proudly no less) that they offer "over 180 hours of video and instruction, 9 classroom sessions, over 6,000 practice questions, and 9 practice tests." What? Who has time for all that?

So, we started thinking (that's usually trouble) and came up with the idea to offer a product that provided students more results in less time. So, using the Principle of Factor Sparsity , we developed our course, focusing on what gives students the most (intellectual) bang for the buck. Students have reported back that this approach is pretty sweet and saves them a bunch of time, and have been giving us rave reviews.

In a nutshell, we are trying to build a company that we'd like to do business with ourselves. We aim to help you find success on your GMAT test by providing simple, effective preparation products, friendly follow-up support, and outstanding customer service.

We Are

We think bigger isn't always better.

Yep, we LOVE what we do!

We jump up and down (try to imagine that one) when we hear a student aced their test, and we get genuinely upset if we hear they didn't (and work toward fixing it).

Helping people prepare for standardized tests is what we are good at. Ballet dancing, er, not so much.

If we don't think our product will help you, we'll tell you. If you buy our product and don't like it, you can send it back. It really is that simple.


 Your Success is our Success..!


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"Review, improvement of math skills & problem solving techniques are the best things that I picked up.
Natalie Maldonado,
Financial Analyst,
Duke Reality Corp.,
Atlanta – GA
Currently pursuing Professional MBA program at
Georgia State University