Coping with the GMAT Test Stress

All MBA aspirants have quite demanding goals such as:

  • Achieving an Excellent GMAT Score
  • Getting into one of the Best Business School
  • Explore Funding Options (Research Assistantship/Scholarship/Fee-waiver)
  • Excelling in B-School
  • Utilize the time at MBA as a perfect networking opportunity
  • Achieving dream job (revamping their career)

The long list of plans is a marathon you have to run while pressing on relentlessly till you reach the finish line (accomplishing your Target Score & making into the Target School). The path is quite challenging and unforgiving. You will have to push yourself to your limits and in doing so, understandably, your mind and body will go through a lot of stress and will reach their breaking point at some stage, if not regulated appropriately.

While preparing for your GMAT, stress is one of your most common yet extremely unwelcome and tiresome companions. Your goal to ace the GMAT will often become the very reason for the onslaught of tension and stress, hence rendering you less productive. So, it’s imperative to ensure that the stress does not get in the way of your preparation of gaining good GMAT score. 

Want to learn the ultimate stress management technique during GMAT preparation?

We have a few strategies. 

  1. Plan and Prepare Carefully:

Most often, the root cause of the stress is the lack of proper planning and preparation. The reason being, that not being backed by a carefully formulated GMAT Prep plan and execution strategy, makes you unsure of your future. This fear is the ultimate source of stress during the GMAT prep time. Hence, to avoid being distracted by these fears and to be your most productive self, prepare thoroughly so that you can be content with your effort and confident of your preparation while avoiding any anxiety or jitters. Overall, have a clear pre-planned outlook of what you have to study, and what you already have finished, the latest exam pattern for GMAT and then proceed to execute accordingly. Add-

·   Figures/pictures

·   Schematics

·   Case studies

I have shared with you some links for more ideas…

2. Do not lose Confidence:

One of the main reasons of your stress is your insecurity of not being ready or being underprepared during the course of your preparation. Questions like, “Will I really be able to ace the GMAT test?” will render you defenceless to self-doubt. Eventually, your goal metamorphoses into a burden and consequently slows you down. But tackling this is completely in your hands. Motivation is the best solution for stress. Cope with your insecurities. Work steadily towards your goal. Don’t forget your initial motivation for starting. Nothing can happen until you genuinely believe in it. Hence, believe in yourself and that you are capable of acing the GMAT test with your intense preparation.

3. Relax and Indulge a bit:

Continuous relentless preparation will take its toll on your body and mind. As a result, you will get tired easily. Overexerting your mind will reduce your productivity and hold back any further progress. Hence, whenever your mind feels blocked, take a break. Breaks are as important as the preparation itself. The moment you feel you have prepared enough for the day, put your books aside and try to relax. Your definition of relaxing can vary from going for a run, listening to music, or even meditation. Whenever you complete tasks or goals, offer yourself small rewards and congratulate yourself. This helps maintaining focus and being motivated in the long run. 

On the day of the GMAT, do not let the onslaught of stress be your undoing. You cannot let your confidence take a hit if you were unsuccessful in attempting the first question or a few of them for that matter. Irrespective of the predicament you may find yourself in, know that it isn’t the end of the world and move forward with assurance. The key is to not stop and keep making progress, both during the preparations as well as the final examination. Now that you know how to deal with your stress during GMAT preparation, start right away. Get set go! 

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