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 Key to Success


Everything sounds great so far (at least that's what we hope you are thinking), but you are probably wondering: how can such as small team create an awesome product, test it to make sure it works, market it so people know about it, sell it to stay in business, and provide the 24/7 support?

Well, that remains to be seen. Here's how we are attempting to do it:


We maintain a ninja-like focus on constantly improving our methods and products. We are constantly researching, refining, and staying on top of all things GMAT. We take the tests, listen to student suggestions, and study the newest learning techniques. We don't try to get too fancy, because in all honesty, the GMAT isn't rocket science (though right about now you probably think it is).


We are able to offer our products at awesome prices because we keep our overhead low and expenses down. No company cars, weekend retreats, or outlandish spending. We have assistants on the other side of the world that help us with a multitude of tasks and free us to focus on what's most important, our students.


We are extremely lucky to be associated with some outstanding professionals who guide us along the way in this entrepreneurship journey. We have C-level executives, uber-successful entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and highly-trained teachers all gracious enough to offer their assistance to us.


We are truly passionate about helping people prepare for their GMAT. We've helped students get into every type of school, from top-5 business schools all the way to the local university's b-school. Student have different goals; not everyone wants or cares to get into Harvard for their MBA. But we feel everyone can improve their GMAT score and not have to spend countless hours or a ton of money doing so.


Well, that about sums our company up. It is our hope that this About Us page has given you a clearer picture of who we are and what we stand for. If you have any other questions, check out the FAQs page or you can contact us on the Support page. For a demo of our Products, check out the Demo page.


 Your Success is our Success..!


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"Review, improvement of math skills & problem solving techniques are the best things that I picked up.
Natalie Maldonado,
Financial Analyst,
Duke Reality Corp.,
Atlanta – GA
Currently pursuing Professional MBA program at
Georgia State University