The GMAT Mindset

The 3.5 – hour GMAT test is the culmination of all the hustle you undergo for months. You plan your prep, try to study in-depth, cover the maximum syllabus that you can, practice a lot and try to handle the pressure. Whether your GMAT score reflects your efforts or not is however dependent on multiple factors. The increase in the GMAT score is not always proportional to your efforts. This is because GMAT prep involves quite a bit of smart work in addition to the hard work. At The GMAT Coach, which is the Personalized GMAT Tutor in Atlanta, we help you develop a mindset to tackle the GMAT heads on. Let’s call it ‘The GMAT Mindset’. Here are some tips shared by our expert tutors, that are stepping stones to develop the GMAT Mindset:

1) Understand the Underlying Assessment Parameters

GMAT is not the plain English Language or Math test. Understanding the intricacies of the test goes a long way. It will not only help you to develop your prep plan, but it will also aid you in developing the right mindset. GMAT tests your critical thinking, problem – solving, ability to focus on relevant information and so on. These skills are necessary for future business managers. You should be able to look at the larger picture and understand the underlying problem. At The GMAT Coach, expert tutors relentlessly train you to develop your problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Our One – on – One Coaching in Atlanta is entirely focused on everything you need to move towards your target score and College

2) Set Clear Long-Term Goal and divide it into milestones and Short-Term Goals

While scoring high on GMAT is everybody’s long term goal, it needs to be made more measurable. You need to set a realistic goal with respect to the score you expect and the study hours that you are ready to put in. You also need to check the cut-offs of the Colleges that you are interested in. This will give you an idea about what score target you can realistically set within the constraints of time as well as your competence in the areas of assessment. Further, long – term goals need to be broken down into milestones and short – term goals. So, set short term goals and targets to complete in a day, week and month. Achieving short- term goals will keep you on track and also motivate you further. Everytime you complete one, you’ll keep pushing to keep going. Doing this by yourselves may involve a lot of hard – work.  Private GMAT Help in Atlanta is available, fortunately, to take care of this. The GMAT Coach offers a FREE 1.5 – hour initial assessment session focused just on goal setting. During the session, our expert coach conducts an initial assessment of your skillset, understand your goals and needs and come up with a complete personalized course of action. Your long-term goal, as well as regular milestones, will be defined then and there. In short, you get entirely Personalized GMAT Tutoring in Atlanta at The GMAT Coach.

3) Practice Creates Confidence

The importance of practice, regular and consistent cannot be emphasized enough. You need ample practice in each area. You need to practice writing essays, taking computer adaptive tests. You need to practice speed reading too. Our seasoned tutors at The GMAT Coach ensure that you get plenty of practice in each of the areas of assessment. We ensure and follow – up on the consistent regular practice. We help you with strategies to handle your weaker areas. We also help you with tricks to bank on your strengths. Our Private GMAT Tutoring in Atlanta is available 24/7 for you, on-demand to give you as much practice as you need.

4) Decide on Time per Question

Since this is just a 3.5-hour test, it is important to allocate a particular amount of time per question. By the time you take GMAT, you should have had enough practice to understand your areas of strength and weakness and devise a plan to handle each section accordingly. Typically, you shouldn’t spend more than 30 minutes on your essay, essay, 2 minutes per question in the quantitative section, 2.5 minutes per question in the integrated reasoning section and 1.5 minutes per question in the verbal reasoning section. Our One – on – One GMAT Coaching Sessions at The GMAT Coach involve real-time feedback on your time management too. The Coach mentors you till the date of the test. They help you strategize your attempt, train you in tricks that can help you solve the question quickly and save your time.

5) Take Regular Breaks to Manage Stress

GMAT is nothing short of a pressure test. While you need to put in all the efforts you can, you will burn yourself out if you don’t take regular breaks. This will be counterproductive and can halt your progress. Instead, we recommend you to take regular breaks in order to refresh yourselves. It is said that the lateral thinking spurts during the resting hours. Thus, ample rest too, is an important part of the equation, but you can take a break in the form of other activities too. Go for a hike or a jog, engage in a sport, play an instrument you like. Anything that gives you mental respite. At The GMAT Coach, which is arguably the best One – on – One GMAT Tutor in Atlanta, our coaching is focused on enabling you to have a balance in your prep. Understanding your needs and skillsets, we plan your course structure and sessions in advance. This avoids last minute prep surprises and ensuing stress.

6) Be Positive and Composed

Lastly, your own attitude will be the game changer! A positive attitude gives you significant power over your prep. It keeps you motivated and away from stress. This, in turn, increases your productivity manifold. It’s like a chain reaction. Aim high, work hard and believe in yourself. Relax and don’t let the test get better of you. Have faith in your abilities! If you opt for The GMAT Coach, a reputed Personalised GMAT Coach in Atlanta, you will be mentored right from the day of enrolment to the day of the test. Our tutors are genuinely passionate about your performance at the GMAT and will motivate you at every step. Constant access, abundant practice and seamless hand-holding will make sure that you maintain your calm and poise throughout the test.

All in all, you get access to the Best GMAT Private Tutor in Atlanta through The GMAT Coach. Through our Personalized One-on-One GMAT Coaching, we help students get through every easy and difficult aspect of cracking GMAT. You get access to the high-quality study material and experienced elite coaches 24/7 within the comfort of your home. Expect nothing but premium quality from the best GMAT Prep Course in Atlanta. Try out our first FREE One – on – one session with one of our expert coaches. Sign up NOW!

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