10 Tips for the GMAT Test Prep

Top 10 Tips for the GMAT Test Prep

Everyone needs a little guidance and a word of advice when appearing for GMAT.  Appearing for the test can seem quite easy or difficult based the way you approach it. Planning for Best GMAT Prep needs a lot of guidance if one wishes to achieve their Target Score.

Here are 10 General Tips on Preparing for the GMAT Test.

1.  Stay Optimistic:

While this advice may sound cliche, your own attitude matters more than you think. In the journey of Preparing and acing the GMAT, a positive attitude will not only help in keeping the stress at bay, will also keep you at your productive best. Always remember that nothing is possible unless and until you believe in it. The key is to relax and not let the test get to you. Stay calm and composed!

2. Be regular & consistent with your Prep:

Decide on a particular time you can set aside each day solely for your GMAT Prep and be relentless in following that schedule. Avoid stopping even for a day, thinking that you will make up for it later. Being consistent always pays off because it makes sure you never lag behind and are always ahead or at least at par with your schedule.

3. Set short-term goals:

Setting long-term goals are important but it can often get boring and fail to keep you motivated. Opting to set short term goals and targets that can be achieved in a day, week and month is the best GMAT Prep hack to keep you going. Every time you complete a single goal, it will provide the motivation to keep going.

4. Take regular breaks during Prep:

If you keep on working continuously without any breaks, you will eventually burn yourself out which will result in reduced productivity and render all your work useless. So instead of working relentlessly, taking breaks regularly will keep you fresh and productive. This will also help you from getting burnt out during your Prep process.

5. Practice Writing Essays:

Your writing assessments test a variety of skills. They test your grammar, vocabulary and written communication skills and there is no better way to develop your writing skills than practicing writing regularly on a variety of basic topics.

6. Focus on Application of Concepts:

GMAT does not give you complex concepts to deal with rather it focuses on applications of very simple concepts in complex situations. So, learning to apply your basic concepts in the quant section is the key.

7. Practice Computer Adaptive Tests:

Being used to appearing for the test on a computer and getting used to the difficulty of your questions increasing with every right answer helps in decreasing stress on the day of the test. So practicing for the GMAT online and in a computer adaptive test format is the best way to Prep for GMAT. Reviewing your mistakes thoroughly after each test, correcting your concepts/strategies and making sure you do not repeat the same mistakes in the following test is also an added advantage of practicing computer adaptive tests. The goal is to work on bringing down your number of mistakes over a period of time. Take the test under strict exam conditions; that is with absolutely no e-mails/phone calls/music and other distractions.

8. Warm up right before the exam:

Right before the test, warm up your brain and get into the right mental state for problem solving by solving a few simple problems and brushing up on your concepts. This will help you concentrate right from the beginning in your exam.

9. Set a particular time to spend on every question:

Since GMAT is a timed exam, it is important to allocate a particular amount of limited time to every question. Typically, you should not spend more than 30 minutes on your essay, 2 minutes per question in quantitative section, 2.5 minutes per question in integrated reasoning section and 1.5 minutes per question in verbal reasoning section.

10. Do not get stuck on one question:

At times, a particular question can be quite hard and you can get stuck and end up trying to solve it beyond the stipulated time. This will only hamper your chances to do well in the rest of the exam. So, if a particular question is not working out, just let it go and move on to the next question and keep going without worrying. This will help you stay on time and you will not need to rush towards the end.

These are some General Tips which can help you up your average Prep to the best GMAT Prep and help you achieve your Target Score.

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