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  • Personalized One-on-One Sessions with Expert GMAT Tutors
  • Extensive Course Structure with Innovative Teaching Methods
  • Focus of ‘Smart Methods’ to ace the GMAT test
  • Thorough Review of Practice Tests to go through all the Weak Areas or areas that you are having issues with and work closely on fixing them
  • Discuss 100‘s Practice Questions which will be very similar to what you will be seeing on your actual GMAT Test

Absolutely Yes!

Check our “References and Testimonials” Page, what our “What our Students had to say to know more. Further references are available on request.

We will be using the latest “Official GMAT Guide”, and our own 'The GMAT Coach' material with over 1,000 Questions, Numerous Lessons, and Tutorials prepared by our experts.

Ideally, 6 to 10 weeks after you begin your preparation. We can discuss more this during our FREE Session # 1 where we analyze your needs&requirements and prepare a personalized action plan for you. The best time to take the GMAT is when you have the time to prepare and hit your peak. Because a GMAT score is valid for upto five years, you should take the test when you feel you have adequate time to study, even if you may not be applying for several years. It’s always beneficial to have your score ready well in advance so that you can apply early in the admissions cycle.

Check out our Courses and Pricing section of our website.

I have taken OTHER Courses and I’m still not happy with my GMAT score.  Can you help me? Helping you achieve your target score is our one and only goal. We here at the GMAT Coach provide personalized coaching as per your needs, strengths, weaknesses, and requirements. Our one-on-one tutoring is the best in class. To know more about how we plan to do this, we highly recommend you schedule a FREE Session # 1 with us.

We will offer a discount depending on your situation. We surely offer group discounts; please Contact Us to know more.

Since you make payments in installment; if you are not pleased with our Program, Teaching Methods or anything else just let us know and you will be refunded on the remaining unused hours.Absolutely No Questions Asked & No Hard Feelings; we are very sure that the situation shall not arise.

Absolutely YES, depending on your best available times, we are dedicated to working according to the student’s time. We always work according to your best available times and your schedule. Your convenience is our top priority.

It depends on your baselines and Target Score; therefor it can go on from 10 to 30 Hours. It would be ideal if you can schedule and discuss during our FREE Trial Session # 1 to allow us to give you a realistic / accurate number of hours.

It depends from person to person; we have had students in the past improving their GMAT Scores from around 60 Points to 200 Points.

On average, our students’ scores increase by about 110 points. Our few recent examples are:

  • 430 to 620 in 6 weeks
  • 500 to 710 in 8 weeks
  • 540 to 720 in 6 weeks

YES – Please send us an e-mail and we shall call you to discuss more on this.

YES! We are very flexible and always work according to your best available times (around your available schedules). Your convenience is our Top Priority!

Our Teachers are Experts in the GMAT and have 10+ Years of Experience teaching the content of the GMAT Test. Because ‘The GMAT Coach’ is able to bring you, teachers, online, you don’t have to settle for someone who happens to live in your area. Instead, you’ll get one of the Top World Class Coaches / Tutors in the field at very Cost Effective & Affordable Rates.

If needed we can offer close to 3,000 Practice Questions but I am very sure you will not have the time to solve all of them.Realistically speaking we will provide 400-500 Practice Questions which shall be very similar to what you will see in your actual GMAT Test. We expect you to sincerely work on these questions that we provide you.Also, we provide detailed explanations to all the questions that we provide you which have smart methods. (Detailed Simple Solutions)

Depends on person to person and various factors like:

  • Your baseline score.
  • Your target score & target school.
  • Work schedules & available times, etc.

To give a rough estimate you will need to spend 4 to 10 hours per week which includes Tutoring Sessions & Homework.

Absolutely Yes – with no issues.We do understand that where could be many unexpected events that could disturb your schedules; which is perfectly fine. You will not be charged for this. We totally understand your situation.

Typically, each session shall last for:

  • Around 1 hour 15 minutes (90 minutes) during weekdays (+/- 15 minutes)
  • Around 2 hours (120 minutes) during weekends (which a short 10-minute break in between)

Make sure to have completed the homework from the previous session as much as you can, and the pretests for the upcoming session. You’ll also want to check out the items in your Upcoming Concepts list to brush up on the fundamentals of the material that will be covered in class. Come with an open mind with all your energy & enthusiasm.

You can always feel free to contact us anytime during your prep through e-mail or phone. We always encourage students to contact us to seek help and get all their questions answered at

You can take the test up to 5 times in a twelve-month period, though not more than once in a 30-Day Period. Schools generally are wary when the test is taken more than two or three times, so it’s best to prepare yourself to take the test once and ace it!

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