“The sessions helped me to focus on the REAL types of GMAT Quant questions and learn very straight forward methods to get the solutions quickly.  Focused practice questions on each topic really helped my confidence, and on test day, I was able to quickly identify the topic of each question and the method for solutions was like second nature. Unlike the Kaplan’s and Manhattan GMAT’s prep classes, this service from ‘The GMAT Coach’ is unique because it does not burden the student with too much information about math principles and solving tricks.  It makes the GMAT Quant seem very straight forward/simple and manageable.  Also, it was great to establish a goal at the beginning and have realistic tracking toward that goal.  I truly appreciated ‘The GMAT Coach’ taking a personal interest in my success.  I believe that is what sets this service apart!  Communication is excellent and it is a very organized service. I am very happy with the improved score and rate ‘The GMAT Coach’ a 9/10″

ADAM, Nashville 640 from a 490 in 3 weeks!!! (Q = 39 & V = 39)