Executive Assessment

Busy Working Professionals who have an unforgiving work schedule and are seeking to widen their professional horizons with an executive MBA degree, look to ace The Executive Assessment (EA) Test.

This EA Test, as an alternative to the GMAT, focuses on testing a student’s:

  • Critical Judgement
  • Thinking
  • Problem-Solving Capacity. 

At “The GMAT Coach”, you’ll find the best expertise, experience and passion to meet your requirements for Excelling your Executive Assessment (EA) Test.

What to expect compared to GMAT?

Verbal Section

  • No AWA or Writing part
  • Other part relatively unchanged:
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Critical Reasoning and 
    • Sentence Correction
  • Proactive reading impressed to go smoothly through this section

Quantitative Section

  • Similar Questions but fewer sections
  • Execution through alternate problem solving techniques, suited to every individualIntegrated Reasoning Section
  • More significant in EA
  • Has the same relevance as Verbal and Quantitative section
  • Teaching aimed at identifying key homomorphisms and employing them to use.

The Executive Assessment (EA) Test Prep with “The GMAT Coach”

Although The Executive Assessment (EA) Test Prep requires less time than the GMAT Test Prep, it requires the same skill set. Hence the need of an all-inclusive study is fulfilled by “The GMAT Coach”.

Efficient & Effective Prep:

At “The GMAT Coach” you shall receive courses that are Efficient and Personalized to suit your needs and requirements. We shall work around your schedules and maximizing your involvement to tap all of your skills.

Comprehensive Syllabus:

Our syllabus is all inclusive of the necessities to ace The Executive Assessment (EA) Test. From complete course coverage to physical and mental health awareness, our syllabus covers it all.

The Most Experienced Coaches:

Our very experienced and passionate instructors / coaches are our biggest strength. Each one of them has aced the GMAT and the EA Tests. What makes us a lot better than others is our

  • Innovative & Effective Teaching Methods
  • Extensive Course Structure
  • Personalized Action Plan


With the availability of instructors round the clock, it makes easier for you to take up your sessions as per your best available times. We super flexible on that aspect.

Personalized Care & Attention

Our Prep Classes are designed specifically to suit your needs. With off-hours availability of the instructors and your pre-program assessment, “The GMAT Coach” will help you get through your EA Test easily.

Learning Materials

Once you enroll, you’ll get all your learning material,assignments, practice questions and solutions.

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