It is normal to feel anxious shortly before any type of Standardized Test with fixed time. If you are planning to take your EA Test sometime during the next few weeks there is a good chance that you may be facing exam pressure / stress / anxiety. This is very common among EA Test takers, and what differentiates folks who ace the EA Test and those who don’t is the skill to manage time and attain calmness with Focus.

Regular Practice Tests & Review: 

Taking regular practice tests and review shall help an applicant gain confidence as they will be more comfortable with the nature, type of questions, timing and the entire test environment. The higher number of Practice Tests they attempt, the more confidence they will gain. This shall also point to areas that need to improve with better and focused preparation. Most importantly, they will help them familiarize themselves with the paper format, and the runtime so that they are better prepared on the day of the Final EA Test. 

Not only will they be better acquainted with the type and pattern of questions asked, but they will also learn to become mindful of the amount of time they should ideally be spending per question. 

Reviewing where you do well, and where you don’t is an important step in shaping your study plan for EA Test Prep. It is while keeping every candidate’s different strengths, weaknesses and needs in mind that we, “The GMAT Coach” Team, formulate Personalized EA Test Prep Plans to maximize success and lead the test taker to achieve their Target Score.

Time Management

Test takers are encouraged to develop an internal timer, so that for each question they don’t spend a lot more time than they can afford without reducing time for other questions. As they attempt practice tests, be mindful of the time they take on each section, given that each should be solved in no more than 30 Minutes to make up for the 90-Minute Test Duration. The questions in the GMAT / EA Test are designed in such a way that can be solved within 2 Minutes provided it is approached in the right direction. Focus needs to be on smart methods with the right strategy.

Self-Analysis of all Practice Questions / Test Mistakes

Applicants should maintain an Error Log and review it thoroughly before Final EA Test so that they know which mistakes they need to avoid & also assess the reasons for their mistakes. This shall help in identifying topics that they are ‘Conceptually Weak’ in so they can work on these concepts to avoid losing points there. 

Relaxing and Winding Down:

Applicants should make sure they are not stressing themselves with a lot of Study Material during the last couple of days as last-minute preparation. They have spent weeks studying and have grasped the needed basic concepts. They should sleep well, eat well and relax as much as they can by going for a relaxed walk, swim, gym or yoga. This is very important to make sure that they are at their best mentally and physically form just before their Final EA Test Day. 


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