Success Stories – From 490 to 690 in 3 Weeks!!

Unlike conventional GMAT Coaching, ‘The GMAT Coach’ has always tried to reach out to its students’ pleas and has been providing them with guaranteed success in GMAT coaching with a sui generis interfusion of strategic and technical input. 

Starting at the grassroots level, building the basal framework and then smoothly transitioning into advanced technique, ‘The GMAT Coach’ is one of the top 10 institutes for GMAT in USA that inclusively prepares the students for the test and guides them throughout the venture. With custom coaching models designed to resonate with the student’s needs, most experienced faculty in USA for GMAT, best in class study material, numerous preparatory tests, and an affordable price, the impact of ‘The GMAT Coach’ on the lives of its students has been Geometric.

Though enumerating each and every instance would mean treading into the realm of self-aggrandizement, here are a few success stories to put things into perspective. Here is one of our students, Adam, who had prepared for the test under the guidance of one of our expert GMAT Coach and had experienced a monumental increase in his score. Below is Adam’s success story in his own words.

Adam’s words regarding the GMAT Course:

“The sessions helped me to focus on the REAL types of GMAT Quant/Maths questions and learn very straightforward methods to get the solutions quickly.  Focused practice questions on each topic boosted my confidence, and on the test day, I was able to quickly identify the topic of each question and the method for solutions was like a second nature.

Unlike the Kaplan’s and Manhattan GMAT’s prep classes, this service from “The GMAT Coach” is unique because it does not burden the student with too much information about maths principles and solving tricks.  It makes the GMAT Quant seem very straightforward/simple and manageable.  Also, it was great to establish a goal at the beginning and have a realistic tracking toward that goal.  I truly appreciated “The GMAT Coach” taking a personal interest in my success.  I believe that is what sets this service apart!  Communication is excellent and it is a very organized service.

I am very happy with the improved score and rate ‘The GMAT Coach’ a 9/10”

ADAM, Nashville.

It is self-evident how ‘The GMAT Coach’s Personalized GMAT tutoring helped Adam fulfil his dream. Adam’s is one of the many success stories that transpire under the supervision of ‘The GMAT Coach’s experts. 

Alex, another student who took his GMAT test recently and was successful in scoring 700 and here, shares his story. 

“I worked with ‘The GMAT Coach’ for about 3/4 weeks and came out with Flying Colors. The course structure was so extensive that it really helped my confidence and Maths skills. 6 – 7 Questions in my final GMAT test were quite similar to the questions that were discussed in our sessions. Overall, I am VERY HAPPY with the Course & my SUCCESS!!!! The amazing news is that I not only got admission in Wake Forest University School of Business & other schools but also huge Fee Waiver/Scholarship!!”

Alex was able to improve his score significantly by utilizing the One-On-One GMAT prep course. Although his score could have reached 740 had he attempted the Verbal correctly, nonetheless, he was immensely happy with the course outcome.

The main takeaway here is that your experience with ‘The GMAT Coach’ won’t be just be palatable; it will ascribe to the reputation that is has attained through the course of over 9 years, of being the best GMAT Online Prep Course. In the current formidable spectrum, unless looked at in a vacuum, the orthodox and heuristic methods are just not meant to survive the cut-throat competition without personalized critical analysis and strategic forethought. We strongly recommend trying out our 1.5 Hour Personalized Free One-on-One Session, focussing on

  • Figuring out your needs
  • Extensive Course Structure
  • Innovative Teaching Methods
  • Preparing a Personalized Action Plan

It is completely free of cost and at the end of the session, you alone decide if our services meet your needs. However, we would like to add that 95% of those who try out our FREE Session decide to take up one or more of our courses. So, sign-up for our free session right now!

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