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Over the years, we’ve helped a lot of students prepare for their GMAT. With their results, compiled cumulative data shows that the average increase in points is 80+. For many students, it was much greater and for a few, it was slightly less; but everyone increased their score without exception! We have been privileged to work with passion-driven and hard-working students who have shown a great desire to excel on their tests - and we were ecstatic we were able to help them do it.

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Meet The GMAT Coach Team

CEO & Co-Founder
One of the many success stories in the book of GMAT aspirants is that of LEE, our CEO, who has a Master's degree from Georgia Tech University, Atlanta. He has been through it all. This genius, within three weeks of preparation, managed a 140-point increase, a 99th percentile ranking and to top it all received scholarship offers from various B-schools. His educational background in Leadership, Accounting and Management comes handy for guiding the students through the same path that he has come a long way since!. Apart from the professional success, this guy is a jack of all trades- a musician and a sports lover too, being the youngest NCAA football official in the USA.
GMAT/GRE/SAT/ACT/Last Teacher @ Extraordinaire
Most places claim to have good tutors to guide for the exam, but we have a wizard. He is hands down the best teacher out there, for GMAT. A seasoned civil engineer with a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, he had started coaching students for GMAT quite early in his life. His 12 years of worldwide work experience and his zealous teaching endeavors make him stand out from the rest. In his mysterious wizardly teaching ways, he’s an expert in breaking down complex problems into simple, understandable and solvable form for the students.
Master of English Language
With her overwhelming and overflowing love for anything and everything English, Christian will be there helping you through all of your problems in the Verbal section of the paper. She holds a degree in English Literature and a Masters in English as well. This English champion has also received the 2010 Outstanding Literature Graduate Award from North Georgia College and State University. Driven by her passion for the language, she can be constantly encountered honing her almost perfect skills. She holds the expertise of making the learning of the language effortless, procurable and smooth.
Verbal Don
We have another conjurer of English language who exuberates his love for English language in all the ways possible. He boasts of two Master's Degrees, one in English and the other in Education, and has dexterously championed his entrance exams. Despite the fact that he has received a plethora of opportunities as a teacher in universities, he works to make High School English education plausible, accessible and easy. Also, he makes himself available to help the GMAT and GRE aspirants score credibly well in their exams. Apart from that he’s a proud care-taker of two Rottweilers, Norman and Nessa.
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What Our Clients Say

After only two weeks of The GMAT Coach’s tutoring, I was able to improve my GMAT score by 160 points (530 to a 690). As a result, I was able to gain acceptance to 4 top-ten business schools. Without these guys’ help, my success would not have been a possibility.


Los Angeles, CA

The GMAT Coach’s program has helped me tremendously with the math part of the GMAT test. I had taken the test once before this help and achieved the 9th percentile. After working through their program, 4 weeks later I reached 69th percentile on the math part. In other words, I strongly recommend this.


Atlanta, GA

It was great to establish a goal at the beginning and have realistic tracking toward that goal. After your course, I feel like I could have been asked any type of GMAT question and solved it with confidence. That was a huge help for me.


Seattle, WA
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Everything sounds great so far (at least that's what we hope you are thinking), but you are probably wondering: how can such as small team create an awesome product, test it to make sure it works, market it so people know about it, sell it to stay in business, and provide the 24/7 support?